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Data Analyst & Mathematics Instructor

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics from Southern Connecticut State University. I have worked alongside students, professors, researchers, and business professionals to gather, organize and analyze data, build models, solve problems, and enact efficient solutions utilizing my extensive skill set in data science, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. I believe that with passion, creativity, pragmatism, clear communication, diligence, and the right tools we can solve any problem the world throws our way.

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Creative problem solving is one of life's true delights. As our world is increasingly filled with data, the tools available to creative problem solvers are growing in number and sophistication. Levi Reynolds is one of these problem solvers. Using an extensive skill set of data & statistical analysis, Levi works alongside students, academics, and business leaders to develop data driven solutions to the complex problems that face us in the world today.

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With a calling to statistics and data science, Levi's compulsion to solve problems borders on pathological. Its an overriding sense of purpose that gives meaning to a career and years of work. Solving the problem is it's own reward, and in a world full of problems, what could be more fundamental?


Frequently in data analysis we are called upon to think outside the box, and forge new and innovative solutions. With a background in not only mathematics and data, but also in artistic expression and music, Levi brings a unique sense of creativity to his brand of statistical analysis.

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In all science it is imperative to possess the capacity to be pragmatic, objective and roll with whatever conclusion the data leads you to. Prior conviction has tainted countless scientific and professional endeavors. So, Levi works tirelessly to overcome innate and subconscious biases to arrive at the best possible solution.

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It is not enough to identify the correct solution. A capable analyst must also work with the relevant parties to implement that solution. With a background in mathematics education and client facing analytics positions, Levi is well suited to present results and work alongside multidisciplinary teams in forging effective solutions.


Working with data requires ceaseless diligence and perseverance. In an ever-changing world, the difference between success and failure can often be a small detail. As a Data Analyst, Levi has exercised extreme diligence, leading his clients to success even in the face of a global pandemic.

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Above all, the capable data scientist must have the right tools. Levi has a background in Mathematics & Statistical Analysis, working in Python, Rstudio, and Octave. He has experience in database design, SQL and Excel.  Lastly, he has proficiency in communication, data presentation and education. He's the man to see the process through from start to finish.

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